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This image is not my most cheerful expression but it fitted the impression that I was trying to achieve with the use of strong side lighting and monochrome.

I am a member of Portishead Camera Club (www.portisheadcameraclub.org.uk). I use Nikon & Leica equipment (currently a D4, D810 and an M-P). The infra red images were shot on a Fujifilm S5 Pro that has been converted for IR use at the 720nm wavelength. All of the digital images were shot in RAW, processed in Adobe Photoshop / Lightroom and converted to jpeg. Mono conversions were made using Nik Silver Efex Pro software.

I need to give thanks to my wife Hilary for her tolerance and support with my photography. She helps in many ways - including holding the umbrella in the rain, carrying some of my kit, and making 'helpful suggestions' (some of which are actually helpful!)